Air Conditioner Installation

To install an air conditioner at Westgate you must purchase and arrange to install the unit using the following the guidelines:


  • For safety reasons, It is required that residents of the high-rise contract with a professional, insured company. Concept Equipment Corp. has installed many units in the high-rise. They can be contacted at 781-721-0123. When calling, let them know that you are a resident of MIT Westgate. The cost for installation is about $165.
  • All residents utilizing an installation company need to give a copy of the receipt from the installation company to the Westgate manager to keep on file.
  • You are responsible for any incurred costs and the conditions of the contract are solely between you and the company you select, so you may want to compare prices.
  • Air conditioners in both the high-rise and low-rise may only be installed in the location of the blank panel on the windows. Any removal of glass increases the chance of window failure and is not allowed.
  • The resident will be responsible for storing the blank panel when removed. The cost for any damaged blank panels will be charged to the resident.
  • All residents are responsible for returning their apartment to its original condition upon departure from the building. The air conditioner must be removed and the blank panel reinstalled and sealed properly before you move out. The resident will be billed for the correction of any damages incurred.
  • Please make an effort to conserve energy if you install an air conditioner. If you will be away from your apartment for an extended period of time, please remember to turn the unit off.
  • The secure installation of air conditioners is a critical safety issue. In the past, improperly installed units have fallen out of windows. This could result in the serious injury of adults and children walking below. The resident is liable for damages.