At Westgate

Email lists
Westgate maintains the following email lists. Note that there has been issues in the past with using Hotmail accounts to receive emails from MIT mail lists. We recommend signing up for the Westgate lists with a non-Hotmail account.
  • is a list reserved for special notifications from the Westgate House Manager, Program Manager and Graduate Coordinator. These may include notifications of scheduled power outages, water shutoffs, fire alarm tests, and construction. To add your addresses to the list, use MIT mailman.
  • is a list reserved for advertisements for official Westgate or MIT events and activities. To add your addresses to the list, use MIT mailman.
  • is a list for general resident discussion. Any resident may post to it and residents often use it to ask for advice, sell items or advertise events. To join, use MIT mailman.
  • is a list for parenting related discussion.  To join, use MIT mailman.

To remove yourself from lists, please follow the MIT mailman links above. Remember you may be subscribed to multiple lists and you will need to unsubscribe using the original email address used to first subscribe (in case of email forwarding).

Basement Lounges
Westgate has two lounges located in its basement. The larger of the two features a flat panel TV, Nintento Wii, kitchen, piano, borrowable reusable grocery bags, board games, and the Westgate Library. The smaller contains a digital piano and a Bowflex. Residents may reserve time in the main lounge using the Lounge Reservation Form. If you are interested in using the lounge, you can check the Lounge Reservation Calendar to check its availability. You should also read the Lounge Reservation Rules.
BBQ Pits
Westgate has three coal BBQ pits and several picnic tables next to its playground. We ask that residents review the playground guidelines and MIT's alchohol policy should they wish to use the BBQ pits and picnic tables. To reserve the BBQ pits, please use the BBQ Pit Reservation Form. If you are interested in using the BBQ pits, you can check the BBQ Pit Reservation Calendar to check their availability. A reservation fee of $10 is charged for using the BBQ Area, and $0 if sign you up to volunteer for "Grill Night" AND if the BBQ Area is found to be messy and/or full of garbage after your event, you will be charged a $60 FINE. Please also read the BBQ Reservation Rules.
Exercise Room
The exercise room is located in the Southeast corner of the first floor. It contains a treadmill and an elpitical trainer.
For access email Apt # MIT ID # . Please allow 24 to 48 hours for card to be activated.
Laundry Room
The Westgate Laundry Room is located in the basement with 13 washers and 12 driers. You can check the status of the washers and driers through LaundryView.
The Westgate Library is located in the main basement lounge. It is comprised of resident donations and allows residents to borrow books without charge. A sampling of the catalog is available at LibraryThing.
The Westgate Playground is located next to the Westgate High-Rise and contains toys and play areas for children of all ages. We ask that all parents briefly review the playground rules.
The Westgate Playroom is located on the East side of the first floor. It is maintained and organized by the Westgate PRCs. To obain access to the playroom, please fill out the playroom application. Members pay a $10 annual fee to cover maintenance, cleaning and toy purchases. We ask that parents periodically review the playroom guidelines.
To keep the playroom clean and organized for all members and their children, we require that you agree to participate in one cleaning session during the year. Children are not allowed during the cleaning time, just one adult per family. Cleaning materials will be supplied. The schedules for the cleaning days are Saturdays from 9:00 am to 10:30 am. If you do not attend the session you previously agreed on, a $30 fine will be charged on your student account. After the Westgate PRCs receive your payment, you will be able to choose one date that works best for you. Time slots are assigned on "first-come-first-served" basis.
Building Maintenance
Michael Collins in the Building Manager for the Westgate high and low rises. You can send routine maintenance requests by submitting an online work order (an MIT certificate is required). If you have a more urgent request, you can contact Michael directly during the day at of 617-253-5146 (3-5146 from a campus phone). If you have an urgent problem after work hours that cannot wait, you can contact MIT's Department of Facilities at 617-253-1500 (3-1500 from a campus phone). Below are some examples of reasons you might need to fill out an online work order.
Apartment heating
The Westgate high rise was designed with only four separate temperature zones. The North Zone controls the temperature for all rooms ending in *05 and *10, the South Zone *01 and *06, the East Zone *02, *03, and *04, and the West Zone *07, *08, and *09. Because temperature can only be controlled at a general level, there can be a large amount of variation in the different apartments, especially as you go from floor to floor. That said, MIT Housing is required to keep the temperature of your apartment within the range of 68 to 72ºF. If you cannot bring your apartment within that range by your own means (e.g., by opening a window) you should contact Michael Collins. Tell Westgate government how you feel in your apartment in: Westgate's TempSense Survey
Social Hour
Westgate hosts casual social hours every other week, usually Wednesdays at 7PM in the Basement Lounge. Residents come to socialize, relax or just enjoy the snacks and drinks.
Hot Grill Nights
Hot Grill Nights are hosted every Friday night between May and September. Starting at 6PM, Westgate residents are invited to come down to the BBQ pits and grill their own food. The grills are run by members of the WEC and residents are encouraged, but not required, to enjoy their dinners outside with their fellow residents. Check the calendar for exact dates and times.
Westgate Community Gardening Program
Community Gardening at Westgate happens through individual plot gardening (located near the Westgate highrise shuttle stop) and through community garden planting (located between lowrise buildings C&D). Together, these efforts are coordinated by volunteer residents who support "growing" and healthy eating at Westgate. We encourage anyone interested to sign up to help water the community garden on the watering schedule. 
Questions? Contact the Community Gardening Coordinators at
Join our Facebook Westgate Gardening page
Westgate/Tang Individual Garden Plots
Located on Amherst Alley beside the Tang/Westgate shuttle stop there are 19 individual plots for personal use, 17 of which are given to Westgate residents and 2 to Tang. Gardeners grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and other produce in their spare time, learn about tending a garden, and have fun. You do not need to have any experience with tending a garden, only curiosity and a willingness to learn. We will provide you with the necessary tools and materials and the rest is yours to learn, grow, eat and enjoy!
Information about signing-up: There is a sign-up lottery in late winter for new people who are interested in participating. Assignments are made in the spring, around April, with a planting deadline around the end of May. Once you get a plot you can renew for up to three years and do not need to enter the lottery again.
Events, Meetings, Workshops: During the spring and summer we have an annual Westgate seed swap, gardeners meeting, plus some casual work days and workshops/sessions so we can start gardening and meet each other.
Communication: Facebook group Westgate Gardening
Mailing list on MIT webmoira: westgate-gardens-2016
Questions? Contact the Plot Garden Coordinator at
Happy Gardening!
Buddy Program & Welcome Bags
The sustainability and wellness chair holds the Buddy Program and prepare Welcome Bags for upcoming new student families every year during summer. The Program pairs new residents and current residents to ease the transition into MIT and Westgate. Every new student family moving in Fall semester will receive a 'Welcome Bag which consists of a reusable grocery bag filled with items that will help with their transition to Westgate, including soap, paper towels, etc., grocery maps, and a welcome letter. If you would like to participate in the Buddy Program, either as a new or current resident, please contact
Residents Events Fund (REF)
Propose an event and you may be able to get Westgate funds to make it happen!
Fill out the REF form or contact any WEC member for questions.

At Tang

Front Desk
Tang Hall is another graduate dormitory located directly adjacent to Westgate. Westgate residents may utilize many of the facilities offered to Tang residents at its front desk such as package pickup.
Movie Library
The Tang front desk has movies for checkout. An alternative list of movies is located here but it may not have the latest additions.
Board Games
Board games are available from the Tang front desk
Westgate has one Wii connected to the flat panel TV in the high-rise basement lounge. Games and controllers can be checked out for free from Tang Front Desk for 24 hours (MIT ID required). Westgate currently owns 4 controllers, 4 nunchuk attachments, 4 Wii Motion Plus attachments, and the following games: Wii Sports, Wii Play, Mario Kart Wii, Rayman's Raving Rabbids 2, Mario Party 8, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Wii Sports Resort. Check out the WII from the Tang front desk.
Tennis Racquets
Adult and child tennis rackets are availble for checkout at the Tang front desk as well as tennis balls.

Around MIT

Getting around
How to Get Around MIT - A student published introduction to life at MIT.
Graduate Moms
Grad Moms Mailing List - A group for fulltime graduate students and postdocs who are mothers. A monthly lunch is held in the Margaret Cheney Room (3-310). Come share your stories, seek support, and connect with other graduate student and postdoc moms. Lunch dates are announced via To subscribe to the email list, click on the link above.
MIT Card
The MIT Card Office provides students and affliates with MIT identification
Work Life Center
The MIT Center for Work, Family & Personal Life helps students with issues like finding daycare
MIT FamilyNet - Hosted by Spouses & Partners @ MIT, FamilyNet seeks to connect MIT families from all over campus.
MIT Housing
The MIT Housing Office assigns housing to students and maintains residences
The MIT Parking and Transportation Office can provide a permit for parking at Westgate and at MIT.
Spouses & Partners
Spouses & Partners @ MIT is a resource for the the spouses and partners of students.

Around Cambridge

New Residents
The Westgate New Residents' Guide is a beginner's guide to life at Westgate. It introduces new residents to all of the resources available at Westgate, MIT and throughout Cambridge.
Survival Guide
Cambridge Survival Guide - A guide published by the Westgate GC's on family life in Cambridge.